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Technical Resources

Many technical resources for specific OSS ILS like Evergreen and Koha are available online through the OSS communities themselves, proprietary vendors, and independent groups. These resources can help libraries with troubleshooting, customizing OSS ILS interfaces, managing databases, contacting experts for help with questions, and contacting community members through wikis, forums, and listservs. Although the official documentation pages for Evergreen, the Evergreen Wiki, Koha, and LibLime Koha are the most detailed and up-to-date resources available, many independent websites provide useful tips and tutorials about big fixes, workarounds, and customizations. It is important for libraries to realize that answering a question about an OSS ILS requires independently consulting multiple sources rather than simply contacting a single vendor.

Technical Support Resources

This is the official website for LibLime, the global leader in Koha support. It includes basic information, news, FAQs, demos, and downloads. 

This is the official support page for the Koha OSS. It includes documentation, mailing lists, real-time chat, and a list of support companies.

The LibraryThing blog contains information about support options for Koha. Other recent topics include tag clouds, branded applications, enhancements, audio books, and statistics.

The Equinox Software blog provides information on this open source provider of Evergreen and Koha. Additional information on services, news, and contacts is also available.

Open Source – Open Libraries is a blog and website representing libraries and organizations committed to OSS alternatives for libraries. The IMLS-funded project focuses on making members aware of the OSS products currently available as well as the companies available to provide support, customization, and hosting. The website includes a general Q and A and more specific details about features and training for Evergreen and Koha.