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Technical Resources

Many technical resources for specific OSS ILS like Evergreen and Koha are available online through the OSS communities themselves, proprietary vendors, and independent groups. These resources can help libraries with troubleshooting, customizing OSS ILS interfaces, managing databases, contacting experts for help with questions, and contacting community members through wikis, forums, and listservs. Although the official documentation pages for Evergreen, the Evergreen Wiki, Koha, and LibLime Koha are the most detailed and up-to-date resources available, many independent websites provide useful tips and tutorials about big fixes, workarounds, and customizations. It is important for libraries to realize that answering a question about an OSS ILS requires independently consulting multiple sources rather than simply contacting a single vendor.

Technical Support Resources

This is the official Evergreen support wiki. It contains FAQ pages, a roadmap and features history, documentation, community-contributed tools and guides, PINES-specific documentation, advocacy, committees, contributors, technical documentation, and links.

This website describes available mailing lists for Evergreen. There are lists for general topics, governance, documentation, task forces, and development.

This is the IRC website for the Evergreen community, which allows users to chat online. Everything on the IRC is logged, transparent, and searchable.

The Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative website includes an attachment with migration tools for Equinox. The cooperative also includes a wiki, documentation, forums, and a glossary.

Sitka is a multi-type library consortium using Evergreen in the provinces of BC and Manitoba, Canada. This page contains links to member libraries as well as technical support resources and documentation.

This is the website for PALS, a host and support company for Evergreen that works for the East Central Regional Library in Minnesota. It provides information about customer resources, products and services, and consortia.

The Resource & Sharing Cooperative of Evergreen Libraries (RSCEL) was created by the King County Library System (KCLS) from an IMLS grant. The website articulates the benefits of open source, increases participation in open source projects, provides open source infrastructure elements related to implementation and support, and provides a peer-to-peer support system for open source libraries.

The Equinox Software blog provides information on this open source provider of Evergreen and Koha. Additional information on services, news, and contacts is also available.

Open Source – Open Libraries is a blog and website representing libraries and organizations committed to OSS alternatives for libraries. The IMLS-funded project focuses on making members aware of the OSS products currently available as well as the companies available to provide support, customization, and hosting. The website includes a general Q and A and more specific details about features and training for Evergreen and Koha.

The Koha Software Community provides web forums in a a variety of formats for discussion of Koha issues.

The Koha Library Software Community website provides a directory of paid support options for Koha. The vendors listed (from various countries) include LibLime, Mill Run Technology Solutions, Anant Corporation, IndServe InfoTech, CILEA, Adimena, inLibro, Libeo, Libriotech, CALYX Information Essentials, Projektlink Konsult, OSLO, KohaAloha, Nucsoft OSS Labs, Catalyst IT, Pakistan Library Automation Group, BibLibre,, Equinox, MASmedios, Busara Core Solutions, Katipo, ByWater Solutions, Sabinet, Organizadatos, Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Wurttemberg,, Tamil, XERCODE, Chipotle Software, and PTFS Europe.

This is the official Koha support wiki. It includes information about Koha, community participation, development, documentation, Koha versions, Koha and Git, Koha conferences, legal matters, and tips and tricks.

This is the website for the LibLime forum. Users can search the forum for certain topics, start a discussion on a new topic, or release a poll to be voted on.

This is the website of the member forums for Liblime Koha. Forums are available for federal government customers, state and local government customers, academic customers, and commercial customers.

LIS Links is a virtual community or forum page for Indian LIS professionals. Discussion threads address open source topics such as the Koha OSS in addition to news, jobs, events, and groups.

This is the IRC website for the Koha community. The channel is logged and searchable. Major topics include announcements, events, news, tips and tricks, and surveys.

This website describes the collaboration of ByWater Solutions and on providing Koha EDI support. EDI greatly increases the functionality of the acquisitions module by allowing a direct electronic exchange from one entity to another, making billion and the transmission of orders seamless.

This is the website for ByWater Solutions, an organization that provides service for organizations seeking to migrate to open source alternatives. The website includes basic information, demos, a blog, and contact information.

The Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative website includes an attachment with migration tools for Equinox. The cooperative also includes a wiki, documentation, forums, and a glossary.


This is the official website of Collective Access consulting. It provides information about getting help installing, customizing, and migrating to Collective Access.

This is the official Collective Access support wiki. It includes information about Collective Access, advanced topics, installation, customization, front-end development, administration, and data management.

This is the official NewGenLib support wiki. It hosts a FAQ page and important articles about NewGenLib.

This SourceForge page is the NewGenLib forum. The forum can be searched by keyword or browsed by date. Topics discussed include footers and databases.

This is the website for the Collective Access forum. Some of the most popular topics are configuration, databases, errors, hierarchies, installation, lists, metadata, searches, translations, and vocabularies.

This OSS4Lib website describes the LITA open source systems interest group listserv, which includes basic information, contact information, a listserv signup, readings, history, projects, and opportunities to submit.

This is the website for the NewGenLib mailing list. Users can read and post through email or the website. Recent posts discuss topics such as new versions, installation problems, modules, customization, upgrades, and errors.

This is the official website for Collective Access. It includes an about page, support information, a tour, news, and downloads.