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Site update and some demographic info

If you've tried to leave a comment but have been receiving an error message we seem to have that fixed now. According to Cindy Lancaster, technology coordinator at SIS, it seems we were encountering a "bug with the field_sql_storage module in core that caused a problem with auto increments in the field_comment_body table." Hopefully it won't crop up again and we can get some commenting and forum posting going.

In other news, I compiled some demographic info using Google Analytics today, discovering the following:

Site monitoring began using Google Analytics in July 2012. From July 20 to December 3, 2012 the site registered 3,615 visits, 2,537 of which were by unique visitors. The average visit duration was 3 minutes, 37 seconds and an average of 2.71 pages were viewed on each visit. Visitors were primarily from the United States, comprising 52.34% of all visits. The next highest group of visitors were from India (8.24% ), followed by Canada (3.93%), the U.K. (2.16%), and Australia (2.07%). The remaining visitors came from areas around the globe, totaling 112 countries.

While some of these visits are likely spam attacks (which finally seem to be under control), it's nice to see that we're getting visitors from all over. Although our site is geared primarily to users in the United States, we hope that the information compiled here can be useful to anyone interested in OSS ILS.