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Koha Training Resources

In addition to consulting documentation from Koha and LibLime, individual libraries usually develop training resources for their own staff and patrons about their particular OPAC. Examples of topics to include are training videos, patron training, circulation, cataloging, reports, going live, and updates. The Northeast Kansas Library System's training materials provide a good example that other libraries may want to follow.

Best Practices for Staff Training
  • Documentation is important. The best way is to find what documentation is already available and then customize it for your system.
  • Usually a day or two of training is sufficient. Since training covers circulation, cataloging and administration most staff members will only need to be there for their part of it.
  • Do training fairly close to Go Live date. Two reasons for this: first is that if training is done close to the Go Live date then they can be trained on the actual system they will use. Second, if training is done too early often people either don't take it seriously or forget what they learn before the Go Live date.
  • When training have specific tasks to do. There are several ways to do this. 1) Do the specific tasks at the training. 2) Demonstrate the tasks at training and then give 'homework' where the staff does the specific tasks independently. 3) Have staff try the tasks on their own and use the training session for questions or problems they had. For options 2 and 3, staff have to have access to a demo system.