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Koha Technical Support

Some of the most important questions many have about open source software concern the availability and quality of technical support. ILS are critical to the function of libraries, and administrators must be confident that they can solve problems quickly when they occur.

Koha ILS users have several support options. Several vendors are available who will provide varying levels of support ranging from complete migration and maintenance to consulting about specific problems. Community resources are also available in the form of mailing lists, wikis, IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and other sources. The Koha community can provide documentation, training materials, and troubleshooting expertise backed up by personal experience. LibLime also offers its own documentation.

One of the purposes of OSS ILS is to become self sufficient, to create a situation in which the library no longer needs vendors in relation to their ILS. To reach this goal many libraries have a contract with a support vendor when they first migrate to open source. This allows libraries time for their staff to become comfortable with the new system and to develop the skills necessary to maintain the OSS ILS independently.