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Koha Customization

Koha is highly customizable with a variety of enhancements available. The following are just a few examples:

During Migration:

  • Create scripts to aid in the transition from a proprietary ILS to Koha.
  • Simulate patrons checking in and returning books to test Koha installations.
  • Perform simple modifications to MARC records before importing into Koha.


  • Customize the staff client with CSS.
  • Add a toolbar of Koha-related items to Firefox browsers.
  • Use Firefox to continue circulation offline.
  • Generate customized reports, such as statistics and late notices (and custom print these).

OPAC Appearance:

  • Add the library name in the browser's top bar.
  • Insert an image or text into the header area.
  • Change the masthead color to match the header image.
  • Change or hide the masthead image.
  • Add text/links/images into the lefthand sidebar.
  • Add text/links/images into the main part of the front page.
  • Add a customized footer.
  • Make various stylesheet changes (color, font, size, etc.).
  • Change wording or hide certain areas.
  • Change the appearance of cart and list buttons.
  • Show item type limits on the checkout screen.
  • Customize additional search options.

Consult the following websites to begin researching more information: Koha-Tools Collection of Enhancements, Koha Wiki CSS Customizations, LibLime's OPAC Customizations, and the Koha Blog's aggregation of posts related to customization. Also visit the Koha Wiki for a list of library websites with customized OPACs.

Best Practices for Customization and Development
  • Before doing any customization make sure it hasn't or isn't in the process of being done. The great thing about open source is that any development done by any library comes back to the community, so often if you want something done someone else does too.
  • Look for partnerships. Usually others in the community want the same things as you. The advantage in partnerships is the combination of resources be that monetary or staff skills.
  • Consider grants as a funding option.