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Evergreen Evaluation

Question: Who should chose Evergreen?                                                                  

Answer: Consortiums and large multi-branch libraries

Creating a necessary features list:

  • Have each department (Circulation, Acquisitions, Cataloguing) contribute. 
  • Compare this to the current version of Evergreen.
  • If Evergreen doesn't include everything on list then you have three options: 1) wait until it comes available, 2) decide that you can live without it and migrate anyway, or 3) develop it working with a vendor, in partnership with another library or by yourselves.  

Migration Team (the people who will actually carry out the migration):  Things to keep in mind.

  • Enthusiasm and ability to learn the technology are the most important requirements for team members.
  • If you have people with the technical skills include them (or at least ensure that the team members can consult with them).
  • If working with vendor designate a liaison between the migration team and vendor.
Best Practices for Evaluation
  • Make a list of requirements and don't migrate until they are all there.
  • Know your staff's abilities before committing.
  • Talk to other libraries.
  • Include as many people as you can in the decision to move to open source.