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Evergreen Customization & Development

Evergreen offers many ways to customize the ILS to fit the needs of the user. These can be accomplished by library staff or with the assistance of a support vendor. Another option is to create modifications, customizations, and new features through development of the software. One of the greatest strengths of open source and a key to its appeal is the freedom to change the code to fit your situation. If you need a certain functionality, it is not necessary to wait until a vendor gets around to it since the source code is available.

Best Practices for Customization and Development
  • Before doing any customization make sure it hasn't or isn't in the process of being done.  The great thing about open source is that any development done by any library comes back to the community, so often if you want something done someone else does too.
  • Look for partnerships.  Usually others in the community want the same things as you.  The advantage in partnerships is the combination of resources be that monetary or staff skills.  
  • Consider grants as a funding option.