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Evergreen Blogs


This post on the official Evergreen blog proposes that the superconsortium is the next stage in the evolution of Evergreen consortia. It argues that the superconsortium is a natural extension of open source development and consortial implementation.

The Hockey Librarian blog contains information about Pines, the Evergreen OS ILS Project, and the University of Rochester Extensible Catalog Project. The general blog covers categories such as the ALA, authority control, cataloging, and reference.

The Galecia Group blog contains information about Evergreen and links to the King County Library system and the Evergreen resource and sharing cooperative.

The TechSoup for Libraries blog contains information about the use of Evergreen and open source in library consortia. It describes the implementation of Evergreen in the Lake Cities Library system.

The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian blog contains information about the expansion of the implementation of Evergreen Open Source library software in the Grand Rapids Public Library.

The Free Range Librarian blog is written by community librarian for Evergreen OSS ILS K. G. Schneider. It discusses a wide range of topics such as blogging, book reviews, conferences, digital preservation, e-books, library 2.0, open data, and tagging.

This blog called Jack of All Trades includes a relatively detailed aricle about the Evergreen open source integrated library system. It discusses basic information about Evergreen, its history, installation, costs and support, and cataloging.

This blog called the K-12 Open Source Classroom contains information about Evergreen and other topics related to open source in education. It specifically addresses issues related to media and circulation.

This is the blog for the Evergreen open source library software. Categories include announcements, community projects, conferences, contributing, documentation, events, libraries, webinars, and releases.

The Equinox Software blog provides information on this open source provider of Evergreen and Koha. Additional information on services, news, and contacts is also available.