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Community Resources

One of the greatest strengths of open source software is its community. While support vendors play an important part in the implementation and development of OSS ILS, they are not the only option. Users contribute to the development, customization, documentation, and maintenance of the software they use and then give these developments back to the community. There is a robust network of support that uses social media, wikis, forums, IRC, and listservs to help solve technical issues that arise. Becoming part of the community is important to the success of any migration project since users have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and build upon their contributions.

One very helpful aspect of the community is the availability of documentation that has been created by other libraries. Many users of open source post their materials for reuse and adaptation.

Both the Evergreen and Koha communities also have their own websites with more information about ways to participate more in the community, including mailing lists, chat, a calendar, blogs, conferences, foundations, bug reporting, editing manuals, requesting enhancements, listservs, regional user groups, submitting patches, and translating.



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